Case Statement
Smithsonian Institution

Following the announcement that Smithsonian Institution would construct three new museums and renovate four others, its leadership had the job of raising hundreds of millions of dollars. SI's Office of Development tasked me with producing a case statement that its staff could use in personal solicitations. Teaming with graphic designer, Ruth Bielobocky of ION Design, we developed a sales presentation that had the feel of an elegant coffee table book. "America's Museum" told the story of the world's largest museum and research complex and its plans for the future. A second sales piece was created for SI's The National Zoo. Since then, the new and renovated museums have been enjoyed by millions each year.

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Brewer's Alley

When the owner of Brewer's Alley wanted to rebrand his retailed bottled beer using the concept of a vintage pinup, everyone loved the idea and the historic era - but not without some reinvention. Women, ages 21 - 35, are the untapped demographic market for craft beer and the packaging would have to appeal to this group. Unlike the beautiful but none-too-bright pinups of the 1930s and 1940s, the Brewer's Alley girl was invented with 21st century sensibilities. She would be liberated, self-sufficient, smart, and have a great sense of humor. The graphic designers at Think Baseline did an amazing job of rendering the totally lifelike and appealing young lady who has proven popular with both male and female consumers.

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Advertising Campaign
Woodsboro Bank

How do you make the public understand that a great bank isn't necessarily always a big bank - and after being frustrated by their big bank, make the public feel confident enough to move their account to a small community bank? The answer is word of mouth. For this reason, testimonials served as the basis of the "I Switched" campaign, which featured different bank customers each year. The fun and sophisticated creative, combined with the bank'rs promoted adoption of progressive products and delivery services, resulted in a significant increase in commercial and consumer accounts. The campaign appeared in newspapers, magazines, on transit, billboards and on the bank website.

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Mobile Application / DVD
Frederick Walking Tour

The history of Frederick is a compelling one that includes most chapters of American history. To convey this story to the 1.4 million tourists who annually visit the historic district, Carrie and Eric Delente, owners of Enforme Interactive, and I created the Frederick Walking Tour mobile app. Enforme built the cutting edge technology that allows users to take the 46 stop, multi-media, GPS-driven tour based on users proximity to tour stops. I wrote and produced the 55-minute documentary-style production with assistance from our partners, the Historical Society of Frederick County and the Tourism Council of Frederick County. The app has proven so popular that a DVD version has been created for those without smart phones.

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Collateral Materials / Brochure
The City of Frederick

When asked by the City's Department of Economic Development to create its marketing brochure, the principal question became one of how, exactly, to present Frederick in a dynamic manner, given the volume of statistical information the publication needed to contain. Teaming up with Jean Peterson Design, Jean and I decided to leave that task to the high profile business owners, whose large portraits with testimonials would dominated the 20-page, square format publication. The powerful endorsements, combined with impressive sidebar information left readers with the realization that Frederick is truly a great business destination.

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The Banner School

Over the years, a favorite assignment has been in overseeing the production of "Triangle," The Banner's School's publication that celebrates the achievements of the current student body and keeps alums informed of the school's ongoing initiatives. The project calls on many of the skills I used as a reporter in my immediate post-college years. Specifically, the assignment includes helping the administrative staff to determine the stories to be included in the issue, conducting interviews with the involved individuals, and then writing the articles. Following editorial approval, I then design the publication and send it off to press.

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Website Frederick Periodontal Associates - 2013

For their dynamic access, capabilities and unlimited design options, websites have become the nucleus of most marketing efforts. Depending upon their functionality and page number, you can spend anywhere from $3,000 - $20,000 on a site in this marketplace. Regardless, it's the quality and organization of the content that makes or breaks a site. Who are your audiences (you likely have several) and what do they need? With this information in hand, you will have established the foundation for a successful site. I've used this formula since 1996 and it has never failed.

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Media Relations
Easels in Frederick

Easels in Frederick is a unique fine arts event that draws some 30 national juried artists to Frederick to paint scenes throughout the county which are sold in a weekend exhibit. In its third year, I was asked by the EIF Committee to provide media relations and assist with the marketing. I established partnerships with Frederick County Public Libraries, Downtown Frederick Partnership and Key 103 Radio, which played vital roles in promoting the event. Outreach to the media also resulted in generous coverage in The Frederick News Post, Frederick Magazine, The Frederick Gorilla, and The Washington Post. Over $60,000 in art was sold during the 11-hour event - all but doubling 2012 event sales.

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Magazine Articles
The Washington Post Magazine

There is nothing more fun than promoting the town where you live - particularly when it's Frederick. The people at The Washington Post know I feel this way and have called on me a half dozen times to write editorial about the city when they have published special advertising supplements in Sunday magazine. Over the years I've had the opportunity to write about Celebrate Frederick's holiday events, Downtown Frederick Partnership's First Saturday program, history, retailing, antiquing and dining. It's a privilege to introduce metro area residents to the city we hold so dear.

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